Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SuperVillain Studios developing a Wii-exclusive RPG?

Apparently, yes they are!

The findings all began while going through superannuation.

First, I saw this post about Tom Swogger, who said:

At SuperVillain Studios I did several props for the Wii title Order Up! then began work on environments and effects for an unannounced rpg, also on the Wii.

Obviously he's specifically at SuperVillain working on that Wii RPG.

This originated from this resume.

Second, the website of the résumé contains something very inexpected yet very interesting; four in-game screenshots of the Wii RPG!:

All of these were found at the website's artwork page.

Finally, the Co-Founder / CCO of SuperVillain Studios, Chris Rausch's résumé was found by superannuation which had the following:

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer
SuperVillain Studios
(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)
January 2004 — Present (5 years 4 months)
Unannounced - Wii 2010
Unannounced - PSP 2009

So SuperVillain will be releasing their second Wii game (after Order Up!) in 2010, and that is no doubt the above RPG!

This is quite the "leak", but I guess it could be allowed as SuperVillain's independant, but wouldn't the publisher (if the game has one at the moment?) might not be so amused. Hopefully this won't cause any trouble. Well it's the guy's fault for leaking it, don't shoot the messenger! >_<

But can they please not use such a generic and boring character design? But maybe I'll warm up to it, I kind of am already. :P The environments look really good! Reminds me of Crash of the Titans, I wonder why...

Good luck to the people at SuperVillain at working on the game! Thanks for the sneak peek! :)

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JoeS. said...

I don't think the character model looks that boring. Maybe the clothes look generic but I quite like the appearance of the girl. It's just one character anyway so I can really judge 'til I see more designs. Great info btw!