Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been banned from NeoGAF, why is that?

Make sure to read the update below.


So it's sadly apparent that I've been banned from NeoGAF. What's the story you ask?

That's what this post is for!

The main reason is in here:


And the very second post.

That's the cause, but the reason and I quote is:

"I warned you before to stop going into threads that have nothing to do with the Wii just to stir that shit up. Too bad you didn't listen."

That warning is from this post:


The good news is, this is only a two month ban!

As you GAFers and some outside folk know, I run a thread at GAF about questions about localizations to XSEED Games.

Fret not, all that will temporaily take place in this humble little blog until my ban is lifted. :)


電波の世界 said...

It's absolutely ridiculous that you got banned for this. I like neoGAF for the breaking news but some of this "rules are rules" shit has got to go.

SuperPhillip said...

NeoGAF is hardly any better than GameFAQs. The only difference is that GameFAQs doesn't pretend it's better than GameFAQs.

Now I've never been a member of the site, but I do lurk. It amazes me-- all of the double standards when it comes to Nintendo. I don't say this as a Nintendo fan (apparently you're a fanboy if you like them), but as someone who wants a place where people can talk games without console wars garbage. Not even GAF is above that. Actually, they're pretty bad when you have mods doing the trolling, too.