Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An update about XSEED.

After e-mailing them about the current situation with Muramasa and such, I asked them to do some damage control, and Ken said:

No damage control needed, things with us and Marvelous are fine as they are still a very important partner of ours. A business decision had to be made regarding the future of Muramasa: The Demon Blade and we respect their decision.

And I'm sure you've heard by now that Ignition Entertainment is the new publisher, so the title is in good hands.

I then asked for a more detailed explaination about what happened, I'm still waiting for a reply.

More as it happens!

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 2008 Boxart Post.

This post will be updated with the full-sized boxes found at Amazon. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Remember the Sonic DS E3 2004 Demo? See the best video of it here!


So far you've all must've seen those two videos of the game, one that shows like a five second trailer, the other is a poorly recorded off-screen video of a play session.

Finally, you can see direct-feed gameplay complete with direct audio so that we can finally hear the music (which is a remix of Escape from the City!) and the announcer going "Ready... GO!", is that the same guy from the Super Monkey Ball games?

While we'll probably never even get a leaked rom of the game (the one you may have heard of is fake), you can at least finally get a true look at this game that could've been. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

XSEED is now branding their games with MMV, the answer as to why will become clear "very soon".

I'm sure a few of you have seen the confirmed final box of Little King's Story:

As a MMV fan and I'm sure others have thought the same, was WHY does the box now sport XSEED's logo instead of MMV USA's?

I got on the case ASAP, first by asking XSEED if the box was even final, and mentioned the logo change, Ken said:

That's correct, that's the final boxfront image for Little King's Story.

Dodged the logo bit, so I replied back asking about the logo specifically, he then said:

Ah, good question - very impressive attention to detail. It will all become clear very soon...

What could possibly be afoot? Sadly I have no clue, if I HAD to assume, it could be a change in agreements between XSEED and MMV USA, but it's probably no more than say XSEED getting to have the spotlight on the boxes now.

Just an FYI, AQ Interactive owns XSEED, so I think people can avoid speculation of "ZOMG MMV BUYS XSEED!1!1" and such. :P

I currently am waiting on a reply about the question of if this is permanent, will they be reshipping their previous MMV games like Rune Factory Frontier (awesome game BTW) and Avalon Code (haven't played this yet).

Here's RFF's box just for reference:

I hope this whole thing isn't just some strange rebranding decision just for the hell of it, why do this NOW after releasing three games under the MMV name (Valhalla Knights 2 PSP, Avalon Code DS, Rune Factory Frontier Wii)?

Besides, wouldn't MMV USA want to keep this up so that they can become a better known name?

Actually, my new guess is this:

It's possible that MMV USA is closing (it only has like ONE person IIRC who's name I forget), perhaps this person is moving to XSEED (which FYI is in the exact same building as MMV USA, I'm not kidding), to make things more efficient?

Obviously XSEED's the larger of the two companies, so obviously if one goes, it's MMV USA.

But still, couldn't they just keep the MMV USA brand name? Like how Disney uses the Touchstone label for more mature films even though Touchstone isn't even a physical company from what I recall reading.

Oh well, MMV Japan's the boss. :P

Hopefully we'll find out soon, this should have ZERO effect on any future projects.

Hang on, could this branding change have been the cause of Little King's Story's constant delays by any chance at all? I'll ask about that after this is all been cleared up, because obviously XSEED won't talk about this yet.

Valhalla Monster Hunters? Monster Knights? Take your pick!

So new scans of MMV and K2's Wii entry of their once PSP-exclusive series showed up earlier today, showing the first look at the game after 6 months since the game's TGS trailer!

But I could not help notice something VEEEEERY familar, and it wasn't just the whole ARPG similarity...

Exibit A, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga:

Exibit B, Monster Hunter 3:

See the two dragons, one in each game?

WOW, they're going all out to make Valhalla Kngihts into a Monster Hunter clone! :O

Their recently unveiled PSP entry, Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance also changed the core game of VK2 into a MH clone, where as before it was a turn-based game.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SuperVillain Studios developing a Wii-exclusive RPG?

Apparently, yes they are!

The findings all began while going through superannuation.

First, I saw this post about Tom Swogger, who said:

At SuperVillain Studios I did several props for the Wii title Order Up! then began work on environments and effects for an unannounced rpg, also on the Wii.

Obviously he's specifically at SuperVillain working on that Wii RPG.

This originated from this resume.

Second, the website of the résumé contains something very inexpected yet very interesting; four in-game screenshots of the Wii RPG!:

All of these were found at the website's artwork page.

Finally, the Co-Founder / CCO of SuperVillain Studios, Chris Rausch's résumé was found by superannuation which had the following:

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer
SuperVillain Studios
(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)
January 2004 — Present (5 years 4 months)
Unannounced - Wii 2010
Unannounced - PSP 2009

So SuperVillain will be releasing their second Wii game (after Order Up!) in 2010, and that is no doubt the above RPG!

This is quite the "leak", but I guess it could be allowed as SuperVillain's independant, but wouldn't the publisher (if the game has one at the moment?) might not be so amused. Hopefully this won't cause any trouble. Well it's the guy's fault for leaking it, don't shoot the messenger! >_<

But can they please not use such a generic and boring character design? But maybe I'll warm up to it, I kind of am already. :P The environments look really good! Reminds me of Crash of the Titans, I wonder why...

Good luck to the people at SuperVillain at working on the game! Thanks for the sneak peek! :)

I've been banned from NeoGAF, why is that?

Make sure to read the update below.


So it's sadly apparent that I've been banned from NeoGAF. What's the story you ask?

That's what this post is for!

The main reason is in here:


And the very second post.

That's the cause, but the reason and I quote is:

"I warned you before to stop going into threads that have nothing to do with the Wii just to stir that shit up. Too bad you didn't listen."

That warning is from this post:


The good news is, this is only a two month ban!

As you GAFers and some outside folk know, I run a thread at GAF about questions about localizations to XSEED Games.

Fret not, all that will temporaily take place in this humble little blog until my ban is lifted. :)