Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pass this on to Dabookerman at NeoGAF!

I experienced that VERY issue for the past couple of days!

It's your milk, it's gone bad, try making another cup of tea with that same milk, you should see this again, then AGAIN with a fresh carton, it shouldn't happen!

The possible problem, may be that your milk hasn't been in a cold enough fridge. My fridge had that thing that makes it cold got blown, thus my food spoiled quite quickly.

Happened to two or three large and small cartons.

It's now fixed, and my milk's just fine! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

About this Shane feller. Addressing thr GAF thread.

He works at Ignition, how many more pages are you guys going to make before realizing that?! LOL

Geez! :P

Edit: OH, okay, it only took until the 93rd Post:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another XSEED update.

Looks like we finally have a proper clarification on the XSEED branding sitauation:

Flower, Sun, and Rain in June will be the last game published under the Marvelous Entertainment USA label for a while, and we had a chance to become the sole publisher on other titles that were originally supposed to be under the co-publishing agreement with Marvelous Entertainment USA. Of course we wanted all titles that we were already working together on under the XSEED Games banner moving forward, but unfortunately that didn't happen and we have to respect the decision that was made.

Sure, we may have lost one title, but we'll be announcing tons more titles between now and E3 so stay tuned.

I just wish they just kept the MMV USA branding for consistency.